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Документальный фильм о Петербурге на английском, немецком, испанском и японском языках. This is a film about one of the most beautiful cities in the world: St. Petersburg, Russia. Founded 300 years ago on the banks of the River Neva by Peter the Great, this city is often called the “Northern Venice”. St. Petersburg draws people from all over the world with its grand beauty, amazing architecture, and unique spirit. See the world-famous Hermitage Museum, the Summer Garden, the old ships on the Neva, the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, the stunning panorama from the heights of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and so much more. Starting from the city’s earliest known history, this film traces the building of St. Petersburg, leading you through all the city’s remarkable spots in time and space. You will treasure this complete visual catalog of the wonders and mysteries of St. Petersburg.


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Прогулки по Петербургу на русском и английском языках

Алексей Бойко, сотрудник Русского музея, известный искусствовед и преподаватель, проводит телевизионные экскурсии по Петербургу.




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